Marie Forleo’s B-School and my 2018 B-School affiliate bonus

I thought I would briefly write today for those who are wondering whether I will be sharing about my experience with Marie Forleo’s B-School this year and whether I will be offering a 2018 B-School affiliate bonus.

The short answer, is yes I will be —–> but I have done so here with my Gentle Business Mastermind co-founders Amanda Rootsey and Nicola Newman. We are joining forces this year to share our experiences – as we all did B-School and essentially connected thanks to that program. We are also offering a combined 2018 B-School affiliate bonus (including access to our Gentle Business Mastermind).

You can get all the details on our experience with B-School and our 2018 B-School affiliate bonus here

In the meantime, if you’d like to read my writings about Marie Forleo’s B-School from previous years, you can read my 2017 B-School affiliate writings here and my 2015 writings (before I was an affiliate) here.

As I expressed in those posts, feel free to flick me an email with any questions too – as I know that B-School isn’t for everyone and I’m happy to share my experience. 

Let’s dream together,

Naomi x

PS. Oh and if you haven’t accessed our free gentle business video series, you can grab that over here too. We hope that you find our stories on how to build a successful and sustainable business in a gentle way useful.

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